Posted by: Colman | May 1, 2009

Enthusiatic launch for Alcock and Brown book

The British deputy ambassador and diplomatic representatives from Canada and USA were among the 140 guests who attended the Dublin launch of “YESTERDAY WE WERE IN AMERICA”.

“A riveting story told with panache and conviction,” insisted Senator David Norris who performed the launch.

“I was spellbound by this heroic tale as a child and remember being taken to see the landing site in Connemara. Having read the book, I can say that Brendan Lynch has done their extraordinary feat long-overdue justice.” David Norris

Brendan Lynch paid special thanks to foreword-writer, Len Deighton, and John Alcock’s nephew, Group Captain Tony Alcock, for their help. And to Connemara historian, Marty Conneely, who painted the Derrygimla bog cairn, so that visitors could see where the transatlantic Vimy landed.

Also among the attendance was former racing driver Pearse Cahill of Iona Airways, veteran motorsport  commentator Robin Rhodes, round-the-world solo sailor, Pete Hogan, artists such as Marie Carroll, Dympna O’Halloran and Noel Lewis, and the novelist, Adrian Kenny.

Brendan & Margie Lynch with Senator David Norris

Brendan & Margie Lynch with Senator David Norris

"They landed over there!" Brendan Lynch brings his new book back to Connemara.

"They landed over there!" Brendan Lynch brings his new book back to Connemara.



  1. Hi, i am the great nephew of Sir John Alcock and i believe you are trying to get Manchester to recognise the two heroes by a monument or similar, in the city.
    My father Neville Alcock (John is his uncle) has been on to Manchester airport about the current monument and has managed to get them to move it to a more suitable location, (still at the airport)
    If you would like a chat with him, drop me a line.
    You can email me anytime if you require any other info.


    Tony Alcock.

    p.s. i must get hold of a copy of your book by the way.

  2. Hi, i am also a great nephew of Sir John Alcock. i am currently doing the family tree and would appreciate any assistance with names of his mother and father and siblings
    Sir John was my father’s uncle fanny Alcock was his grandmother

    Nicholas Potter

  3. Hi, I am also writing a book about Sir John Alcock from a different perspective. I’m writing about the man himself. I am a retired aerospace engineer with the same surname, and have been asked numerous times if I am related to Sir John. In researching my family tree, and his, I found Sir John to be a very interesting and admirable person. In my book, I only devoted one chapter to the transatlantic flight and the rest to his early life and accomplishments.

    If you have any information on his early life, other than what Brendon Lynch has written, I’d appreciate this information. I am particularly interested in how he became employed at Empress for Charles Fletcher. Also, I have traced his family back to 1700 in Staffordshire. If you would like it, I can forward it. Regards, Joe Alcock

  4. I have the Alcock family traced back to 1700. I can forward it to you, along with Sir John’s mother, father and siblings. Who was your father, which brother of Sir John? Regards, Joe Alcock

  5. Hi Brendan,

    Lost your email address! So am leaving a message here.
    Thanks for the copy of “Yesterday………”
    It will go on the top of the small pile of books next to my bed where all serious reading takes place.


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