brendan-lynch07 Brendan Lynch has led a checkered life.

He represented his native Tipperary in cycle racing and won his first race at the age of 17.

While working as a clerk in Dublin, he met the writers Brendan Behan and Patrick Kavanagh and wrote his first newspaper features.

He emigrated to London in 1961, where he became a disciple of the pacifist philosopher, Bertrand Russell and was imprisoned for his part in Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament activities.

After working for ten years in a bank, he took early retirement in order to go motor racing. Four years and as many accidents later, he wrote his first motor racing stories.

Looping the loop at Lydden circuit

Looping the loop at Lydden circuit

Within a short while, he became Grand Prix correspondent for Irish media and also the London-based Daily Mail and The Observer.

Brendan traveled extensively in Europe and Asia before returning to Dublin in 1985. He has written general features for many media from The Irish Times and Sunday Tribune to The Times and The European.

His five books have received outstanding reviews, including the award-winning Green Dust motor racing history.

He is married and lives in Dublin with his wife, Margie.

Brendan and Margie Lynch

Brendan and Margie

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