There Might Be A Drop Of Rain Yet

brendan_lynch-drop-of-of-rain-yet“There Might Be a Drop Of Rain Yet”

Life behind the “Green Curtain”! Growing up in Ireland in the 1950s.

Story of the conflict between a rebellious son and his ultra-patriotic and religious mother.

This book and Brendan Lynch’s life were the subjects of an RTE television Flesh and Blood series documentary in 2008.

Review Excerpts:

Irish Times: “This tender, thoughtful and beautifully written memoir…”

Irish Catholic: “Its tone is exactly right… A wonderful book for anyone who wishes to understand at the heart’s core the pride and passion of being Irish in the twentieth century.”

Galway Independent : “An interesting and compelling read.”

The Irish World: “A fascinating memoir.. has definitively captured the ethos of traditional Catholic Ireland.”

Senior Times: “Captures a universal story of generations, masterfully documenting the inevitable, and for some, unbearable changes that accompany the passage of time.”

“The memoir also includes meetings with such diverse characters as Brendan Behan, Bertrand Russell and Ayrton Senna and, back in Dublin, records the end of an era which dies with his mother and her favourite newspaper, the Irish Press.”

Paperback: 223 pages
Publisher: Currach Press (1 May 2006)
ISBN: 1856079376

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